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Fender Guitar and Amp Parts Fender Eric Clapton 25db Mid Boost Pre-Amp Kit Fender 0057577000 Clapton Mid Boost Pre Amp Kit 230x230 Fender 0057577000 Clapton Pre Amp Mid Boost Kit 25db for Strat Guitars.. Product #: 0057577000 | BIN 5 Stars 0 based on 0 reviews Regular price: £39.95 £39.95 Out Of Stock

Fender Eric Clapton 25db Mid Boost Pre-Amp Kit

Fender Eric Clapton 25db Mid Boost Pre-Amp Kit

Product Code: 0057577000 | BIN 5
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Fender Clapton Pre Amp Mid Boost Kit 25db Strat Guitar part number 0057577000. 

The 25db Mid Boost circuit was first used on Fenders Elite Stratocaster in the 80s. The Elite Strat was only in production for 2 years but the Mid Boost circuit found a fan in modern legend blues guitarist Eric Clapton who insisted Fender include the Mid Boost circuit in his signature guitar. Now various models of Eric Claptop Strat have come and gone but the Mid Boost circuit has always stayed. The system replaces one of the original tone controls with a variable “Midrange Boost” control. The Mid Boost knob adjusts gain from 0 dB (no boost) to 25 dB (for killer mids). Great for clean and distortion tones. The TBX tone control is neutral in the middle position, cuts treble in one direction and cuts bass in the other direction.

The kit includes all of the parts needed to upgrade your guitar with the Mid Boost Preamp used on the Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy Strats as follows

  • 1 ea 0028617000 PCB ASSY Clapton Pre amp
  • 1 ea 0021682000 Control 50 K Audio 1 ea 0028531000 Control 250 K Special Taper
  • 3 ea 0016352000 Nut Hex 3/8-32x3/32 TK NI
  • 3 ea 0022384000 Washer Lck Intrl 3/8 x .500 x .040 Ni
  • 1 ea 0039432000 Jack Output OPN Stereo Urge
  • 1 ea 0992052000 TBX Tone Control
  • 1 ea 0057578000 Schematic Wiring Diag Mid Boost Circuit
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