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NOS / Clearance Stock - Some Guidance

NOS / Clearance Stock - Some Guidance

Some buyers have asked what clearance stock is and how this is different from new stock. It's a valid question.

In general terms, all of our stock is NEW STOCK and in most cases, the packaging is in excellent or very good condition. However, in some cases, especially where the packaging is paper based, it may have been damaged, is tatty or sometimes, it's missing. For this reason, we class all of our stock as NEW OLD STOCK (NOS) and when you buy, you can be assured that despite the packaging, the product itself is brand new and fit for purpose.

The photo above is a good example of extreme damage to the packaging. This could be from water, or storage in a damp location. However, the actual component is well protected and is in perfect condition. It's worth noting that not all products look like this. In order to provide you with the worst possible packaging scenario we have included this photo as an extreme case. In truth, many if not most of the products we sell will be in normal packaging and the item will be, for all intent and purpose, brand new.  

20170925 155341  

The above photo is of a just a few of the 100's of Graphtech parts that we have in stock and it shows that the majority of our products are well packaged. 

With regards re-packaging, where the packing is so damaged as to be useless, we may repackage the item. Where we can, we will always try to include some part of the original packaging to show that this is the brand that you ordered. For example, for Schaller pickup surounds we will include where possible the part of the packaging carrying the part number or at least the logo. We have no reason to supply counterfit parts as we have large stocks of original parts in their original packaging, irrespective of how good or bad that packaging is.

Where a component manufacturer cannot be identified, i.e. the packaging has become completely detached, we will sell this item as a clearance product at a vastly reduced price. You should check our clearance section regularly for such bargains.

If you prefer that we ship your parts inside the original packaging for proof, simply add a note to the order and we will send exactly what we have, packaging and all. If we can't do this, for example of the part has become detached from it's packaging, then we will contact you before shipment.

Finally, it's worth noting that many of our unbranded items, this might include switches (other than Dimarzio, Fender etc), hardware parts, scratchplates and other items of this type may have never been packaged. In such cases we will supply them exactly as we received them, without any specific packaging other than that required to ship them to you.

If you have any additional questions give me a call on 0044 1803 297297 and I'll try to help further.



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